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Benefits of the Arts to the City

According to research by the Toronto Arts Foundation in 2016, the majority of Torontonians perceive the arts as highlighting the city’s diversity, strengthening neighbourhoods, and making the city a better place in which to live.

Toronto Arts Facts

Toronto Arts Facts gathers together key information about the arts in Toronto, compiled from a wide variety of research studies and statistical resources.


Arts Stats 2016 reveals public opinion about the arts including how Torontonians see the arts as a way to attract tourists, improve the economy, create employment, and make the city more beautiful.

Transforming Communities Through the Arts

Toronto Arts Foundation, 2013

GDP by Industri in the City of Toronto, 2016 (Statistics Canada)

GDP by Industry in the City of Toronto

Economic Diversity

In 2016, total output produced in the city of Toronto was approximately $166 billion, which accounts for more than a quarter of Ontario's total output. Of this amount, culture accounted for approximately 8%.

ESAC, Essential facts about the Canadian video game industry”, 2015

Economic Impact

Game Industry

As an example of the economic impact of the media arts, Canada has a vibrant video game industry and is one of the fastest growing entertainment industries globally. In 2015 the industry contributed more than $3 billion to the Canadian economy and provided 20,400 full-time equivalent jobs across the country1. While Toronto is home to large, well-established companies such as Ubisoft, most of the industry is made up of smaller sized companies (5 to 99 employees).

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Economic Development and Culture, Annual Report 2016

Product / Service Categories

Dynamism of the Cultural Sector

In 2016, there were more than 164,000 culture jobs in the city of Toronto, accounting for 90% of all culture jobs in the Toronto region and over half of total cultural employment in Ontario.

City of Toronto, EDC Annual Report 2016

Making Toronto a place where business and culture thrive. EDC's Annual Report provides a comprehensive overview of the Division's activities and results in 2016.

City of Toronto, EDC Annual Report 2017

In 2017, the Economic Development & Culture Division (EDC) continued its work to make Toronto a place where business and culture thrive – and we were encouraged in our efforts when Toronto was recognized as a UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts for its leadership in film, music, digital media and forms of cultural expression using technology.